Our animation film was inspired by the book Helka – a Burok-völgy árnyai from Peter Nyulasz. The adventure novel for children was awarded the Book Of The Year on The Children’s Book Award in 2011.


The story of our film is different from the book, it doesn’t track its history in everything. We finished the final draft in 2016 with the support of the Hungarian National Film Fund. The leading writers were Anett Kormos and Eva Zabezsinszkij. Just a few people know that Anett Kormos is a screenwriter, she is well-known as a stand up comedian. Eva Zabezsinszkij works not just as screenwriter, but also as dramaturge and casting director, she was the casting director of the Golden Globe, Oscar and BAFTA winning Hungarian movie, Son of Saul.


We started the project development (the preproduction works) in Autumn 2016, and by Spring 2017 we are ready with a short demo of the movie. We hope that – although it seems too far from now – in 2020 we will publish the exact date of the premiere here on the website. If you are interested in the progress of the film, you can get further information by clicking on the “Blog”.

Csaba Fazekas and Laszlo Nyikos are the directors of the movie. Csaba Fazekas, 10 years after his award winner feature film, Boldog születésnapot!, was the director of Swing, which was one of the blockbuster film of 2014. László Nyikos participated in the production works of countless animation. Like 3D artist he was a member of the Framestore’s team, which won with the movie Gravity The Academy Award (Oscar) and BAFTA Award for Best Visual Effects.

The supporters of our project: Hungarian National Film Fund and Pallas Athene Domus Innovationis Foundation.


Csaba Farago


Laszlo Nyikos


Sandor Csortos Szabo


Anett Kormos


Eva Zabezsinszkij